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If you can't decide which one you want, you can even select a bunch of them and compare all their deals at once. Next, select everything you want from your deal using the filters.

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This could be the minimum allowance you need, your maximum budget, networks you like, and so on. You can also sort the deals by whatever factor you want - such as total cost, monthly cost, upfront fee, and data allowance. Compare all the Motorola deals that suit you, zero in on the perfect one, and we'll take you straight through to order it. A refurbished mobile contract is also a great option if your budget is tight.

Moto G Family: Smartphones by Motorola

These phones have been returned and given a full spring clean, with any broken or dodgy parts replaced, and are practically good as new - only now with a lower price tag. As for your tariff… you'll find the cheapest Motorola contracts from small or budget networks, resellers, and maybe even your current mobile network, if they offer special deals for existing customers.

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Some mobile contracts are available without an upfront cost. Just choose the handset you want, then select 'free' on the phone cost filter.

This will show you all the deals that have nothing to pay upfront. Or, sort the grid by upfront cost - this shows you deals with nothing or very little to pay right now at the top of the table.

Don't get us wrong But when a phone as good as the Moto G6 comes along for these kind of prices, we get some serious feels. The Moto G7 may now be available but if you're looking at the Moto G6, we're guessing you're somebody who regards great value as highly as you do screen pixels and RAM.

Motorola’s Moto G7 range offers compelling phones that won’t break the bank

That's where we can really get along, you and us, because we're listing the very best Moto G6 deals you can currently buy. And for this relatively low amount of money, don't start thinking you'll be short-changed.

We've already reviewed the Moto G6 , and we love it. The design belies the meagre price tag and the display is as bright and clear as on many more expensive handsets.

Moto G7 review

The quibbles we have are fairly minor and far outweighed by the pros - quibbles that may just be resolved by the new Moto G7. But you can read more about all that at the bottom of this page, where you'll see a potted version of our review.

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Before that, you'll see our Moto G6 price comparison where you can hand-pluck the tariff that best suits your needs. That's it. Or at least that's all you used to have to pay.