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Extraordinarily, it was never meant to be this way. In fact, Whirlpool was never really meant to be a forum at all. To understand where Whirlpool came from, we have to take a trip back to the beeping, blooping, deathly slow days of dial-up internet. Based on a hasty poll of the youngest members of our staff, readers of this site are probably the last generation for whom this sound triggers nostalgia and not bafflement; the quiet conclusion of the end of an era.

It was only in the late s that internet service providers started to roll out consumer broadband services in Australia, beginning with Big Pond Cable in Whirlpool was first launched by a guy called Simon Wright in , at first as a list of useful links and news about broadband. That FAQ yields many other treasures, by the way. This, for example, is how Whirlpool looked when it launched:. In , they got their wish.

Rules, though, have always meant very little on internet forums. Granted, this screenshot is from the Coffee Lounge, a specific part of the forum earmarked for non-broadband chatter. As a result, the Coffee Lounge was closed, and its members flocked briefly to the short-lived spinoff forum whingepool.

In all my years trawling Whirlpool, I have never been there. Take, for example, a recent thread about dealing with coworkers who steal food take note, whoever is eating all the Vita-Weats in the Junkee office. Very early on, someone suggests laying a trap by spiking food with laxatives to catch the culprit, and the thread escalates from there.

Unfortunately, on Whirlpool, even the assumption of human aversion to eating pubic hair on pizza is up for debate. A third user concurs. Evidently, much farther if you are a Whirlpool user. Money is another topic that often strikes gold here.

For example: if you activated your plan on the 10th of the month and enabled auto-recharge, your plan will always get renewed on the 10th, regardless of how many days are in the month. In all other months, it will be either 30 or 31 days. One final thing to be aware about Boost is the fact that if you are currently with Telstra either a prepaid or postpaid plan and want to port your number to Boost, the porting process is slightly different for you.

How does Boost charge for data? Included data is charged in per KB increments and will be rounded to the nearest MB at the end of each data session. The last part of that sentence seemed to contradict the first part so I looked a bit deeper and came across this discussion thread on the official Boost community forums. The Boost representative there indicated that the last part of the sentence above should be ignored and will be removed in the future to prevent confusion. However, it seems like this was never done.

What would happen if you set up auto recharge on the 31st of each month? Does that double your expiry for the months that have 30 days? However, I reckon what will happen is that on months with less than 31 days, the renewal will just happen on the last day of that particular month. The day you start is the day they schedule your recharge. They let you know exactly what day.

After only 3 days of Boost, I lost service. When I rang them, I was falsely accused of using 90 hours of phone use!!!! What a nonsense. Lost me for good after the way I was treated. Last time I checked, there are only 72 hours in three days so not sure what the Boost customer service rep was on.

Have they offered a refund? Thanks Michael, their allegation was preposterous.

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This occurred to me on a rollover renewal. I ended up talking to a supposed technician from their Manila call centre, but was like talking to a brick wall. I appreciate you alerting me to how I could have handled the situation better. Too long ago now, but once bitten, twice shy. However, this is easily fixed: You just need to port out to another provider for at least a month and then you can come back as a new customer. If Vodafone has decent coverage where you then you can go to Kogan Mobile.

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The only differences are different network and slightly more data 54GB and 90 days to use it with Catch and 60GB with Kogan given as three monthly allowances of 20GB each. Does enabling the auto-recharge enable it to charge only 12 times per year rather than 13 also enable the roll over of unused data? Absolutely although auto-recharge is not a requirement for data rollover. You are free to do as you please. Family share plan. Three of us are sharing 86 gig.

Pretty sure its locked in. My ladies were topping up on no lock-in contacts like it was candy. As I wrote in the post, in some instances a postpaid plan with or without a lock-in contract may be appropriate. The most common use case for that is what you and your family are on which is a single data pool shared between several people. This data allowance is to be used over 90 days and as there is no contract, you are free to switch to another similar or better deal that will no doubt be available by then which I can pretty much guarantee.

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Your point is valid and for families who want to create a single data pool on a single account, going postpaid may be appropriate. Hi this info is incredibly useful, I am with Telstra they are good but a bit pricey. Might have to try some of the above mentioned options. For our circumstances, Vaya is better suited to us, and saves us more. I suggest all customers with Lebara to cancel their contracts and never go with them again. It just took me one hour of my life waiting for a chat box on their web page to communicate with them. I rang their number twice and after going through promot after prompt i was informed they were busy and they hung up on me.

Why are TPG and Dodo so cheap, and Telstra so expensive?

Thier number for help also hangs up. The only way to sort out a problem is via the web. Can you please check out Amaysim again? For the past three months their thethering capabilities have been reduced to zilch. I know of other people who have had the same problem. It is impossible to get through to them by phone. I now find I have to use the library computers just to be able to access my emails. Here are two support documents from Amaysim regarding tethering. I have an Android phone and have had no problem tethering with amaysim. Best prices, best customer service by a country mile and have never had a problem with coverage or speed.

I read a lot of forums but very seldom write; I just had to with amaysim however, as I have found them to be outstanding.

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Hi Thanks for the review. At the Moment I recently joined a prepaid Kogan plan using vodafones 4g network.

Check it out.